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Eco-City 2020 has a plan to drive up real-estate prices in Siberia:

In an effort to address these issues proactively we are submitting our proposal to create a new type of urban development using the excavation pit at the quarry site. The title of the project is Eco-City 2020. Using current scientific and technological knowledge, we plan to turn the giant crater into “Eco-City,” a garden city that will attract Russian residents as well as international tourists to Eastern Siberia.


While some futurists plan the build cities down in pits, others plan to farm upwards. Skyfarm, an entry into the World Architect Festival by London architects Rogers, Stirk, Harbours and Partners, proposes to be a vertical farm.

Skyfarm proposes an alternative to the typical land-intensive farming systems. A vertical farm, it is designed to produce crops in multi-storey structures within high density urban areas or where there is insufficient land or poor quality soil.

On a larger scale, Parag Khanna, writing for Quartz, has realized that the old cyberpunk trope of mega-cities is coming true, and they will be more significant than nations.

Cities are mankind’s most enduring and stable mode of social organization, outlasting all empires and nations over which they have presided. Today cities have become the world’s dominant demographic and economic clusters.

Then he hawks his new book which, along with his Ted Talk, can be found here.

Looking father out, here’s Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell‘s  primer on space elevators:

Finally, CPG Grey explains the Trouble with Transporters: